The IIFA is the sole representative body and official voice of Freight Forwarding in Ireland. Established at a meeting held on 14th of March 1962 with an attendance of thirteen forwarders, the Association now has over 110 full trading members who between them employ more than 3,000 people and handle more than 90% of Ireland’s €148 billion international merchandise trade. Through its membership of different committees and associations connected to international trade the association participates in discussions on local and international issues.

IIFA is aware of the strategic importance of its role in a country where 82% of manufacturing output is exported, much of it by the 1,000+ overseas companies that have located here. The Association is pledged to raising the professionalism of the Freight Forwarding sector in Ireland through its educational and representative roles; and by fostering the highest ethical standards among its membership through the application of its published Code of Conduct.

The Freight Forwarder’s role will continue to evolve with technology and trade. Already, some local companies are providing services to clients that are based in other countries. In the years ahead, it is anticipated that freight forwarding will develop as a valuable export service in its own right.

In 1981 the IIFA played host to the FIATA World Congress in Dublin, with a staggering attendance of over 1200 delegates; one of the highest attendance records of the congress to date. This prestigious event was held in the National Concert Hall which itself had only opened in September of 1981.

Our efforts in the education area are concentrating both on the development of courses provided and evolving the delivery of the course utilizing to the most practical extent possible modern e-learning technology. As of September 2014, we have celebrated the milestone of our 100th Graduate of the IIFA FIASTA Diploma in Freight Forwarding.

We do hope that delegates enjoy the Congress and that they take some time to enjoy Dublin also.

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