Knowledge Cafe

Building on the concept of the philosophical cafés, whereby a group of thinkers gather to discuss important questions, the Congresss knowledge café aims to achieve a deep level of analysis on challenging Logistical issues.

  • ( TBD ) -minute session
  • Foster understanding and consensus-building on a specific issue
  • Share knowledge and know-how
  • Creative approaches as interactive dialogue techniques, world café processes, simulations and gaming, etc.
  • Ideal for formalizing alliances or partnerships to take concrete action

The knowledge café sessions have the great advantage to involve small groups of participants. With a maximum of 12 people, a high level of participation is possible at the 2016 Congress, allowing an in-depth examination of particular subjects. Participants are able to test their ideas with individuals who share common interests and raise their awareness of different viewpoints.

This intimate set-up is a powerful way to challenge your thinking and gain a deep understanding of some of the most important logistical issues today. In Dublin, the knowledge cafés will offer a rare window on the various observations and experiences shared by the participants. This open debate format will ensure each learnt from one another in an informal, conversational set-up.

  • ( TBD ) -minute roundtable discussion for up to 12 people
  • Share collective knowledge, exploring areas of common interest
  • Increase understanding of a subject and the issues involved
  • Open, creative conversation on challenging topics
  • Great for networking and exploring possible partnerships or joint ventures