The Orientation Workshop is a special event for first time delegates. This should make the event much easier to navigate and encourage participation for those who have never been to a FIATA World Congress event before.
The Process

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How to make the most of this FIATA World Congress and really enjoy it.
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• Are you new to the FIATA World Congress?
• Is this your first time at the FIATA World Congress?
• Have you been to an Annual World Congress before but would like a re-fresher on how to make the most of it?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the these questions, then be sure to make use of this excellent orientation workshop, run by ———. This lively and par-ticipative introductory workshop to FIATA and the World Congress in Dublin, is a great way to:
• meet other newcomers to the FIATA World Congress;
• have a clear understanding of the World Congress, its work and its struc-ture;
• identify the opportunities within the World Congress for you;
• manage the programme as quickly as possible without being over-whelmed;
• get the most out of the week immediately;
• meet as many of the right people as possible;
• attend the ‘best’ sessions;
• become more involved with the organisation of the World Congress;
• understand the structure more clearly;
• start developing relationships with delegates you meet; and
• feel that you are meeting up with old friends when you come to the FI-ATA World Congress 2017 next year.