FIATA is an organization that gives results work through concrete action giving real, tangible results. This solution-based approach is the driving force behind the Congress workshops. The forum’s workshops aim to present results-driven assessments on the state of logistics, empowering people with the tools to work towards particular areas of the supply chain.

  • ( TBD ) -minute session
  • Foster understanding and consensus-building on a specific issue
  • Share knowledge and know-how
  • Creative approaches as interactive dialogue techniques, world café processes, simulations and gaming, etc.
  • Ideal for formalizing alliances or partnerships to take concrete action

Typically, they last ( TBD ) hours and encourage participants to reach a good level of understanding on specific topics while building on consensus. Through interactive techniques, a conversational set-up, simulations of real situations and a whole array of other open training methods, participants will be able to learn from each other’s knowledge and know-how, thus taking advantage of the rich diversity of backgrounds and expertise.

Thanks to the creative approaches used to deliver these sessions, the workshops offer an ideal set-up to formalize alliances and partnerships to take concrete action resulting from Congress.